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We help our clients build and maintain their reputations. 

We first opened our Cape Town Office on February 1, 2007

At the time, we had one core client and a determination to offer our writing, news and publicity skills to a broader network of clients who share our respect for media and our long-term view. 


Over the years, we've established effective relationships with clients who take pride in their reputations and who have intellectual capital to share. Using our contacts and knowledge of the media, as well as our communication and writing skills, we work to shape these connections into credible PR opportunities.

Who We Are

Understanding Your Business.


We focus on the industries we know, as we believe that the better our understanding of your business, the better we can assist. Combined, our team has over 28 years of experience within the Financial Services and Property industries. As such, we are familiar with Asset management, Banking, Investment Consulting, Compliance, Tax, Commercial Finance, Insurance, Retail Property and

Medical Aid.

How We Do It

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